About EKAD


Ecological Research Society (EKAD) was established in 2003, with the efforts of academicians most of whom are experts in biodiversity and nature conservation. EKAD has been in a harmonious cooperation with academia, related Ministries, Municipalities, NGO's and private enterprises since its establishment, and is still going on with its mission by increasing and expanding its activities with the contributions of volunteers joining the family.


Our Mission

We understand the importance of nature conservation studies as our Earth drastically ages. Our individual duty in order to accelerate this understanding and to take the small steps necessary for the bigger steps to be achieved is to tell, teach and disseminate the ecological consciousness. We, as EKAD, are an example in terms of showing why the components of nature should be protected and how conservation studies should be carried out in a scientific way. For now, we have taken up the subject we know the best: sea turtles. Our aim is to continue being the best example in showing how we may protect these wonderful creatures in the most efficient way while we go on sharing our planet with them.

Why Sea Turtles?

kaplumbaga All 8 species of sea turtles living today are either endangered or critically endangered despite their presence on Earth for more than 110 million years; hence their nickname "the living fossils". Humans are one of the factors responsible for accelerating the extinction of sea turtles, which are protected under international conventions like Bern, Barcelona and CITES. Anthropogenic factors such as fast structuring along shorelines, heavy fishery, tourism activities, light and noise pollution, industrial contamination of waters and beaches are severe threats against sea turtles, their nesting areas, nests, eggs and hatchlings.

A large portion of sea turtle nesting beaches in the Mediterranean is located along the shoreline of our country. We are very lucky for still having the opportunity to host these spectacular animals, which are extremely important for the continuity of marine and coastal ecosystem.
We have to do our part well to host them in the best way and treat them with the respect they deserve...

What Can You Do?

Adopting sea turtle nests in order to help even a single baby sea turtle to safely reach the sea is an extremely significant contribution to the future of their species.
Would you like to support us and share this wonderful feeling?

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