Who are we?

Ecological Research Society (EKAD) was established in 2003, with the efforts of academicians most of whom are experts in biodiversity and nature conservation.

Since its establishment, EKAD has been in a harmonious cooperation with universities, related ministries, municipalities, other NGO’s, and private enterprises. To this day, we continue our mission by increasing and expanding our activities with the contributions of national and international volunteers joining our studies.

Our Aim

As our planet is rapidly aging, we understand the importance of nature conservation studies better. Our individual duty to take the small steps necessary for the bigger ones is to tell, teach and propagate ecological awareness.

EKAD makes an example in showing why the components of nature should be protected, and how conservation studies must be scientifically carried out.

Our goal is to continue being the best example in showing how we may protect all the wonderful elements of the nature efficiently, and to go on sharing our planet with them.

Administration Structure

President / Chairman
Ali Fuat Canbolat

Vice Chairman
Haydar Metin

Management Board
Burak Akbaba (full member)
Deniz Candaş (full member)
Şafak Bulut (full member)
Aydın Akbulut (sub. member)
Çağatay Tavşanoğlu (sub. member)
Haşim Altınözlü (sub. member)
Osman Sert (sub. member)
Salih Levent Turan (sub. member)

Supervisory Board
Onur Candan (President)
Baran Yoğurtçuoğlu (full member)
Mustafa Çalışkan (full member)
Barış Özüdoğru (sub. member)
Burcu Daşer (sub. member)
Kurtuluş Özgişi (sub. member)

Would you like to support our work?
Would you like to support our work?