Join Our Conservation Efforts!

Joins our family and contribute to our efforts of protecting the sea turtles. A special EKAD certificate and an EKAD T-shirt will be sent to you as a gift if you contribute in any of the programs mentioned below. It will be our pleasure to have you among us.

1) Volunteer Program:

Would you like to stay in EKAD's project house for periods of 14 days, not as a guest but as a "turtler" and get to know sea turtles better? You may actively participate in our educational practices during the entire season, as well as routine field surveys. Besides, we will be covering your food and accommodation expenses.

Further information: in EKAD Volunteer Program's page...

2) Adopting Program:

Adopting is carried out in many countries as a highly educational activity especially for kids. Numerous nature lovers help their children and/or grandchildren develop an awareness of nature conservation by adopting nests, hatchlings or adults in their names. You too may contribute to our efforts by adopting a sea turtle nest, hatchling or adult.

Further information: Your Turtles page...

3) Contribution Program:

If you do not have the chance to be a part of any of the above activities, there is still something you can do for the sea turtles. We believe you may help saving the life of one more sea turtle and we are waiting for your contributions (cash or equipment, camping gear, office supplies, printed material etc.).

Further information: EKAD's Contributors page...

4) Satellite Tracking Program:

In order to gain more insight about the life cyce of sea turtles, we have started the Satellite Tracking Project to monitor and observe their behavioural characteristics during the time they spend in the sea, their migration paths, their feeding and wintering areas.

Further information and satellite tracking data: in Satellite Tracking Project page...

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