Who are we?

Ecological Research Society (EKAD) was established in 2003, with the efforts of academicians most of whom are experts in biodiversity and nature conservation.

EKAD has been in a harmonious cooperation with academia, related Ministries, Municipalities, NGO’s and private enterprises since its establishment, and is still going on with its mission by increasing and expanding its activities with the contributions of volunteers joining the family.

Our Aim

As our world is rapidly aging, we understand the importance of nature conservation

We understand the importance of nature conservation studies as our Earth drastically ages. Our individual duty in order to accelerate this understanding and to take the small steps necessary for the bigger steps to be achieved is to tell, teach and disseminate the ecological consciousness.


We, as EKAD, are an example in terms of showing why the components of nature should be protected and how conservation studies should be carried out in a scientific way. For now, we have taken up the subject we know the best: sea turtles.


Our aim is to continue being the best example in showing how we may protect these wonderful creatures in the most efficient way while we go on sharing our planet with them.

Planning for sea turtles

Our association started its first activities with sea turtles, which we know best. Since 1987, we have been carrying out census, monitoring, surveying, and conservation studies along sea turtle nesting beaches. Studies and activities we perform between May and September may be listed as follows:

Monitoring sea turtle populations by tagging during night shifts,
Locating sea turtle nests during morning shifts and inspecting them on a regular basis,
Hatchling census and statistical analysis of hatchling success for the nests during hatchling emergence season, while also helping stuck or lost hatchlings,
Caging nests against undesired predations of foxes, dogs, and crabs,
Caging nests in front of hotels and other tourism facilities, to protect them against heavy human pressure,
Informing local people and tourists to raise public awareness,
Educational practices targeted to local authorities, managers and staff of tourism facilities, local tradesmen and artisans, small enterprises, and schools about the correct and efficient usage of beaches, light and noise pollution, and their negative impacts on sea turtles,
Regulatory activities on the usage of beaches and areas behind beaches, in cooperation with related institutions and enterprises,
We have applied a sea turtle satellite-tracking project in 2004-2005, for the first time in Turkey (within BTC Project).
We continue to work on “Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center olan which will play a very important role in conservation and rescue activities…

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